eLearning FAQ

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the FAQs below please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to respond within 24 hours to your query.

Accessing your Purchased Course FAQ

When you add a course to your shopping cart the following steps occur:

  1. On the shopping cart page you will be prompted to create an Account Username and Password.
  2. Once you complete the payment for the course you will be sent an email welcoming you to The Learning Reservoir elearning platform and a link to the platform.
  3. Follow the link to thelearningreservoir.com.
  4. Your purchased course will appear in your Profile Dashboard under “My Learning Reservoir“.

My Learning Reservoir

Important: If you do not receive these emails from the Learning Reservoir check you spam/junk folders and add the thelearningreservoir.com as a trusted sender in your mail client.

After you create an account, you can get access to your own personal dashboard called My Learning Reservoir.

My Learning Reservoir

In My Learning Reservoir you will find:

  • All the courses you have purchased.
  • Your learning record showing what courses you have purchased, completed or are in-process.
  • Your course Completion Certificate for courses you have completed. 

You will get to the eLearning course content you purchased and its associated content.

The eLearning content includes various formats of media: audio, video, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and PDF. Each course contains different types of material depending on the course topic.

When user accounts are created automatic emails are generated and sent, please check you spam/junk folders and add the thelearningreservoir.com as a trusted sender in your mail client.

If you still are experiencing problems accessing your course contact us

Yes – we offer technical email support. Contain us at info@thelearningreservoir.com with any issue you might have.

Your Course Certificate FAQ

Yes, upon completing any course and successfully achieved a passing grade on your final Quiz, you will get access to a PDF certificate to show that you have completed all the course content.

Once you have achieved a passing grade on your final assessment a certificate of completion will be automatically generated. There are a number of ways you can get access to your certificate of completion.

  1. Once you successfully complete the course and pass the quiz you will be taken to a page that will have a  “Certificate” button. You will be able to download the Certificate of Completion when you select this button.
  2.  A blue ‘Print Certificate’ button will be displayed for you to download the certificate immediately.
  3. An email will be automatically generated that will be sent to your email account that will contain a pdf of your certificate.
  4. In your My Learning Reservoir dashboard  there will be a certificate icon will be displayed a download link to your completed course certificates – click on the certificate name to download a PDF for your records.

Pricing FAQ

For volume orders or corporate orders, please contact us

Each course you purchase is a single-user license which is non-transferable and cannot be used by another person. If you purchase only one course, access to this course is only being granted to you.

Course Content FAQ

It will be available for 183 days (6 months) from the purchase date. After 6 months, you may easily renew your subscription online (at the cost of the basic course fee) for continued access to your course.

If you need more than the 6 months you have been granted to complete a course, you may renew your subscription for another 6 months and continue the course from where you left off.

Our courses are provided in slide format with voice overs from our instructors. The course will direct you through the materials, with a quiz at the end.

Currently our courses available in English only.

The length of time needed to complete the course depends on the individual learner. The estimated time to complete the course is indicated in the descriptions of the courses.

You may complete the course more quickly or more slowly depending on your experience and individual learning style.

Visit our course catalog and select the title of the course you are interested in to find estimated time to complete.

eLearning Course Assessment FAQ

Through testing and mastery of training objectives. The Learning Reservoir courses are developed by experienced instructional designers and industry subject matter experts, students receive training on relevant, regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

All our training is organized according to a traditional Instructional Systems Design (ISD) model, with content structured to help learners meet key training objectives. Testing is designed to determine if learners have met the objectives, and testing feedback is also provided to help measure course effectiveness and employee proficiency.

Yes, each of the courses has a final quiz.

If you do not receive a passing grade the first time you take the quiz you will have 2 more opportunities to take the quiz. 

Accessibility FAQ

Yes, there are. All our eLearning courses contain closed captioned.

Closed captions are a text version of the spoken part of a television, movie, or computer presentation, in our case an eLearning video.

Closed captioning was developed to aid hearing-impaired people, but it is useful for a variety of situations. For example, captions can be read when audio cannot be heard, either because of a noisy environment, such as an airport, or because of an environment that must be kept quiet, such as a hospital. Captions also benefit non-English or ESL speakers, those with learning disabilities and visual learners.

Technical Requirements FAQ

At a basic level, you need access to a modern computer with an internet browser, and a broadband internet connection.

For browsers, courses work with the most recent version of Chrome or Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9 or above.

For mobile devices, the latest available operating system for Android or iOS devices is required.

Yes! Our website is mobile optimised so you can watch videos and access content on the go, just visit our site via your mobile and all the courses will be available for you to watch wherever you are.

No. The training is provided by a secure, online on demand web-based Learning Management System if you have a standard internet browser to access the course.


The Learning Reservoir's Uniqueness FAQ

1. The skillset of our course designers and instructors/subject matter experts

  • Our designers built our courses using Quality Matters (QM) standards and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles.
  • We work with instructors/subject matter experts who are familiar with setting up quality/regulatory/manufacturing systems from scratch; be it in a start-up environment or in organisations that were involved in transformative changes. We feel that this type of industrial experience gives a unique perspective to delivering relevant content.


2. Continuous Improvement Philosophy

  • Content is reviewed regularly to ensure it contains the most up to date information.
  • We listen to our students and ACT on their feedback: Each course has an evaluation where students can give us valuable feedback. We review this feedback and make improvement to course based on the aggregate of this feedback.

3. Accessibility

All eLearning material produced through our services contain closed captions.

Absolutely! We are continuously adding new courses.

Getting Maximum Benefit from our Courses FAQ

Each organization has different needs, and many of our customers first assign several basic courses that all workers receive training on—that’s training every employee needs—and then supplement those courses with training for other job specific duties, like CAPA investigator, quality systems auditor or audit facing subject matter expert.

Several of our customers use our training for new employee orientation and annual refresher training. Many of these same customers use our training as an introduction to hands on or site-specific training. 

Refund Policy

All courses are final sale. Here is our Terms and Conditions.

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